The Evolution Foundation supports training in the form of scholarships for transitioning military service members and Veterans that have been honorably discharged. See below for information about the currently available scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunity

Advanced Manufacturing Certification in Electronics Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Certification in Electronics Manufacturing is offered in partnership with Blackfox Training Institute. This training program is approximately 3 weeks in length, but could be shorter if you already have knowledge of or are certified in some of the topics prescribed in the curriculum.


Scholarship Application


In order to apply for this scholarship, you must have either military or civilian experience in either the fields of avionics repair and maintenance, electronics assembly, soldering, electronics repair and maintenance. There will be a hands on skills assessment as part of the scholarship application process.

Employment Opportunities

The Evolution Foundation partners with employers who are not only currently hiring, but also have a preference to hiring Veterans when possible! Those employers share the details of their workforce demands, and along with our training partners, we develop a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of today’s opportunities. When the demand shifts, so does our program. Our employer partners are integral in our curriculum development and they are anxiously awaiting to interview you! Below are a few examples of current positions our program is designed to prepare students for.


Manufacturing Engineering Technician – $21 – 26 / hour + bonuses

The Manufacturing Engineering Technician role focuses on supporting Manufacturing Engineers and Production personnel in the assembly and testing of products. This position will assist in the implementation, qualification and maintenance of Manufacturing Process documentation, assembly tooling and test equipment.


Production Technician – $20 – 25+ / hour + bonuses

The Production Technician employee performs functions associated with all manufacturing operations, including working with engineers in set-up and calibration tasks, as well as performing rework and quality testing related to the production of parts, components, subassemblies and final assemblies. Uses sophisticated programs to collect and evaluate operating data to conduct in-line adjustments to products, instruments or equipment.


Repair Station Technician – $3 – 29 / hour + bonuses

The Repair Technician employee performs in-house servicing and repair of company products at established company repair site or service center. Diagnoses mechanical, hardware, software and systems failures using established procedures.


This is a sample of the opportunities that are available. There are other similar opportunities available. Each position may have additional requirements such as certain types and amounts of experience. There is not guarantee of employment, but the Evolution Foundation will work with you to determine what the best opportunity for you is, and what is needed to get there.

The Application Process

You must submit your application materials by mail, email or personal delivery to a Foundation representative. The Foundation office is located at: 701 Delaware Street, Unit B, Longmont, Colorado 80501. For questions regarding the application process you may contact the office by phone at 720-598-0456 or Submittal deadlines will be included in the cover letter accompanying the application. Scholarships will be awarded based on skills and knowledge assessment testing results. Not all applicant will receive scholarships; however, an applicant may reapply for scholarship funds for a future class. Application forms must be complete and legible and include the information contained in the downloaded application form.


Scholarship Application

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