Press Release

May 2, 2022 


Jerry Ward – 

Executive Director 

Evolution Foundation 


Longmont, CO – Evolution Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our Veteran Scholarship Program.  Through this program, the Evolution Foundation will award scholarships to Veterans and transitioning service members so that they can receive advanced training in the high-tech field of electronics manufacturing.  Through our training partner and many employer partners, we have identified the skills and certifications that are most in demand today.  Our employer partners are eagerly waiting to interview and hire our candidates upon their completion of this intense 3 week training. 

 The training program is designed to meet the current needs of industry.  As such, it is constantly adjusted and updated to align with the needs of our industry employer partners and the open positions they are looking to fill.  Our employer partners service many of the advanced industries such as aerospace, defense and medical to name a few. 

 The Evolution Foundation is currently solely funded by charitable donations from individual donors, corporate donors (including our training partners and our employer partners) as well as other non-profit foundations such as the James A. Hepp Memorial Veteran Scholarship Fund. 

 When a Veteran or transitioning service member applies for and is subsequently awarded a scholarship by the Evolution Foundation, certain special applicants will have the honor of being awarded a James A. Hepp Memorial Veteran Scholarship.  In life, Jim Hepp was a staunch supporter of the Evolution Foundation’s mission to support the training of Veterans so they could evolve into successful civilian careers.  After his passing earlier this year, the James A. Hepp Memorial Scholarship Fund was created with the intent to be awarded to those applicants that exhibited the traits and attributes valued by Jim Hepp.  Those attributes are; humility, respect, generosity, service and integrity.  The Evolution Foundation is proud and honored to be associated with this prestigious award. 

 We’ve partnered with dozens of Veteran focused organizations to be sure the maximum amount of candidates can be reached.  Organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, various Colorado based Workforce Centers, and independent Veteran service centers such as Mt. Carmel are excited to help spread the word and participate. The Evolution Foundation will officially begin accepting applications in mid-May.  Exact dates will be posted to our website and social media pages soon.  The first training academy will then take place approximately 1 month after the application window is closed.  Our employer partners are eager to begin interviewing the program participants! 

 You can find additional information at the links below, or contact Jahr Turchan. 

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